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The Adverse Effects of Pesticides on Humans and the Environment


This research paper starts off by describing what pesticides are and the different forms of pesticides that there are. It states the argument as to whether pesticides are beneficial or harmful. In the method section, an alternative to pesticides is presented and in which ways these alternatives work. It is explained why we should move on from conventional pesticides to a safer and healthier alternative for not only animals but humans as well. Further in the method section, the different ways of how pesticides enter your body are introduced, and facts are presented from articles showing how many deaths happen worldwide every year due to pesticide use. The results and discussion present the effects of the pesticide use, for example, the mutations of the sexual reproductive organs of the frogs that were emasculated due to the harmful chemicals and runoff from the pesticides used in farms. Further information is provided as to how we as consumers may be ingesting pesticides in the food we eat as well. Information is provided on the long term effects of how pesticides can permanently affect the human system and give health complications. The conclusion gives a clear stance as to how we should be moving away from the toxic chemicals included in pesticides, and we should be moving progressively towards something that could benefit the whole population. 

Research Paper English 21003

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